Conformity in accordance with the IECEx System

The IECEx System stipulates Rules of procedure
for checking and certifying equipment for use in Ex
areas. All equipment must be tested by an IECEx
ExTL (Ex Testing Laboratory) and certified by an
IECEx ExCB (Certification Body), irrespective of the
equipment protection level. 

The result of the test is an IECEx ExTR (Test Report).
The manufacturer must (for serial production)
simultaneously have his quality management
system checked and audited with a QAR (Quality
Assessment Report) by an IECEx Certification Body.
Having both an ExTR and a QAR is the basis for an
IECEx CoC (Certificate of Conformity) in the online
IECEx database. Alternative a so-called Unit Verification
belongs also to the possiblities.

IECEx Certificate of Conformity (IECEx CoC)                                                                    Recognised quality management system (QAR)     

Manufacturer applies to a certification body (ExCB)                                                                  Manufacturer applies for a QAR at an ExCB
for an IECEx CoC for his product (all EPLs) 

The ExCB checks and assesses the product                                                                             ExCB audits the manufacturer’s Quality
i n a test laboratory (ExTL)                                                                                                         Management System 

ExTL prepares a test report (ExTR) which will be                                                                      ExCB introduces
validated by the ExCB and the ExCB checks the QAR                                                              a monitoring/surveillance system. 
(for serial production)

ExCB publishes the IECEx CoC in the IECEx                                                                           ExCB publishes the QAR report in the IECEx             
online system                                                                                                                             online systems       

ExCB (Ex Certification Body)
           Subject to auditing, recognition; Issues ExTR, QAR and CoC
ExTL (Ex Testing Laboratory)
          Subject to auditing, recognition; Checks compliance with the IEC or ISO standards
ExTR (IECEx Test Report)
           Prepared by ExTL on the basis of uniform forms, approved by ExCB
QAR (IECEx Quality Assessment Report)
          Issued by ExCB following the audit of the manufacturer’s QMS (Quality Management System)
CoC (IECEx Certificate of Conformity)
         Design corresponds to IEC standards (ExTR); Production takes place with recognised QMS (QAR)
         for serial production or Unit Verification Certificate for one off production


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