Example of marking according to EN/ISO 80079-36 according to ISO 80079-36 System and 2014/34/EU Directive according to IECEx
In line with the label image above, the product definition and conformity can be checked by making the appropriate reading as follows.

ATEX directive and EN ISO standards                                                                                    IECEx System and IEC ISO standards

1- Conformity mark (CE)
2- Identification number of the Notified Body which
    where required - certified the QA system or examined the
    products * in this particular case not applicable
3- Ex mark (community Epsilon x logo)
4- Equipment group II - other areas (non-mining)
    Equipment category 2 either -
    Gases/vapours G, suitable for Zones 1 and 2 or -
    Dusts D, suitable for Zones 21 and 22 (see Table 7)
5- EU-Type Examination Certification                                                                                  5- IECEx Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
    Notified body’s symbol, year                                                                                                Certification Body’s symbol, year, Certification Body’s     
    Notified body’s registration number (only with Category 1                                                   certificate registration number (in IECEx Rules of
    or on voluntary basis for Category 2)                                                                                   procedure mandatory required for any EPL)
6- Year of manufacture 
7- Explosion protection in compliance with                                                                          7- Explosion protection in compliance with                          
    EN ISO 80079-36, -37 standards type of protection:                                                           ISO 80079-36, -37         
    constructional safety - marked Ex h                                                                                     Standards type of protection:
                                                                                                                                                 constructional safety - marked Ex h
8- Group IIC (most easy ignitable gases), Group IIIB (non-conductive dusts)
9- Temperature class T4 (gas), max. surface temperature T110°C in absolute value (dust)
10- Equipment protection level Gb (high protection level) (gas), equipment protection level Db (high protection level) (dust) (see Table 7)
11- 1. “X” observe Specific conditions of use: for example The gearbox is to be installed only in certain position.
      2. “U” Ex Component which is not intended to be used alone. Conformity is certified when installed into a complete operating equipment. Components don’t have any temperature class.
12- Ambient temperature range


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