Marking in accordance with IECEx System based on ISO or IEC standards

The international marking of the Ex Equipment and Ex Components is defined in IEC standards. The main points for marking and information are stipulated in the standards for the general technical requirement (IEC 60079-0 or ISO 80079-36) and the types of protection (IEC 60079 series or ISO 80079-37). 

1. Manufacturer of the equipment
2. Type designation used by the equipment
3. Type(s) of protection provided by the equipment
4. The group and subgroup where the equipment is located
Suitable for
5. Temperature class (G) or max. surface
the temperature to which the equipment fits (D)
6. Equipment protection level (EPL
according to the IEC 60079 series) and
gases and vapors (G), dusts (D) or mining (M)
area of application followed by a level of protection
a, b or c, equipment
to be used in certain regions
7. Special conditions of use when necessary,
to be followed, recognizable by the "X"
behind the certificate of conformity
8. Certificate of Conformity with IECEx
Certification Body, year of issue and
registration number of the certificate
IECEx ExCB, eg IECEx PTB 20.9999 X


What you need to know about Exproof.

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