Primary explosion protection

Primary explosion protection aims at either substituting or reducing the quantity of the flammable substances or the atmospheric oxygen to a level where there is no danger of an explosive mixture forming. Increased air supply air flushing through ventilation can be achieved by structural measures; for example the open layout of filling stations where the potentially explosive atmosphere is very small. Replacing the atmospheric oxygen is not an option for areas where people work.
For this reason the measures available for such locations are limited to:
– avoidance or restriction of flammable substances which are capable of forming an explosive atmosphere
– avoidance or restriction of release of the flammable substances and therefore formation of explosive mixtures, both inside and around fittings/valves,
for example by:
– limiting their concentration
– using enclosures filled with an inert substanc
– natural or artificial ventilation
– concentration monitoring by means of a gas detection system, which will give an alarm and/or switch off the system


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