Explosion Protection Document Preparation and Personnel Training Service

We provide training services for the explosive atmosphere, the preparation of the explosion protection document and the personnel working in the explosive atmosphere.

Field exploration (Determination of the sources of discharge by visiting the areas and marking them on the settlement plans)
 Classification of chemicals used
 Explosive atmosphere risk assessment (qualitative and quantitative)
 Reporting of qualitative and quantitative analysis results
 Calculation according to EN 60079-10-2:2015 for dusty environments
 Calculation according to EN 60079-10-1:2015 for gas and liquid vapors
 Evaluation of the possible effects of a possible explosion
 Marking of explosive zone (making of zone maps)
 Listing the electrical equipment in these zones and evaluating their suitability for the calculated Zones
 Equipment and protective system conformity assessment
 Providing training to operators working at the plant (individual or group training)
 Remedial measures and reporting

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